Unconventional Wisdom – From me to the world…

…not that anyone will listen.

The media, the rumor mills, the pundits have been pushing the notion that Kendrick Meek should drop out of the Florida US Senate race and support Charlie Crist – this is a giant pile of Un-Wisdom.

For roughly twelve years, Charlie Crist has been terrible to teachers, students, parents, schools and communities.  He has been no friend to women, seniors or state employees.  He supported oil drilling and over development.  He brandished his conservative credentials proudly and loudly.  Now he professes to have changed his mind, standing up for teachers, women and against off shore drilling.  He is admitting for twelve years he did the wrong things and now he wants to do the right things.

The right thing is easy.  Kendrick Meek has been a friend of teachers, students and women.  He has held the positions Crist now believes are “right” since he was first elected.  What Crist should do to make good on his commitment to those beliefs is step aside and endorse Mr. Meek.  He should use every ounce of energy he has supporting Meek and attacking Rubio’s destructive values and corruption between now and Election Day.  He should fiercely attack the RPOF for all of their corruption and scandal.  He believes that there is a problem with the party system, but Florida only has one party.  Controlling strong majorities in the State House, Senate and the Cabinet, they have been the architects of the State of Florida’s current economic situation.  They have had the power to do things differently.  It is time for Charlie Crist to admit his own responsibility in that process and direct the blame to ALL of the responsible parties, led by former Speaker Rubio.

As for Mr. Meek – his campaign should take advantage of all of this “he’s going to drop out” hype and play the media.  He should allow them to believe at a schedule press conference he will be dropping out, but instead march out a line of respected endorses from around the state reminding people why they support Kendrick Meek and why they will never support Charlie Crist.  Local electeds, State Senators, Congressmen, and members of the Democratic Caucus of the US Senate and House.  The Meek campaign needs an explosive kick start and an event of this magnitude, if executed correctly, could do the job.

Stop trying to convince me Charlie Crist is an acceptable option, electing the most morally bankrupt and self centered person in the state with the Democratic Party’s seal of approval is just plain stupid.  If we lose, so be it, I’d rather win, but making the situation even worse isn’t going to help us at all.  The Florida Democratic Party needs a top to bottom culture change.  We need more confident and aggressive attitudes, we need to not be afraid of primaries and debates of our values.  We need to stand up for our values.  We need leaders that will take on the tough issues, speak with confidence and passion.

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