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Unconventional Wisdom: Partisanship isn’t the problem.

Play this video and listen as you read this post. ¬†You’re welcome. Jill Sobule @ Netroots Nation 2011   I sent the following to a request for comment/advice regarding a bright young man’s effort to make a difference through a “bi-partisan organization”:   I don’t do anything (political) non-partisan or bi-partisan. ¬†Partisanship isnt the problem, […]

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Don’t put Keith Olbermann back on MSNBC

The effort to reinstate Keith Olbermann to his spot in MSNBC’s lineup is impressive, but is that really good for the progressive movement’s future?

Does it seem like a good idea to keep providing profits and authority to a network and corporation so clearly bent to supporting the other side?

Why not find some alternative in which Keith Olbermann’s tremendous talent, intellect and charisma are channeled in to benefiting the progressive movement without the side effect of buckets full of profits to right wing overlords?

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