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Conventional Un-Wisdom: The Candidate’s Spouse is Above the Campaign

Conventional Un-Wisdom: The Candidate’s spouse is above the campaign, they are not subject to the rules and expectations and should not be subjected to training and preparation.  They know the candidate better than anyone and thus are more than capable of representing the candidate’s character and capacity in support of the campaign without guidance or […]

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Unconventional Wisdom: Events

As I looked back on 2010 and saw the great big failures, they troubled me.  Messaging failures, generally unprepared or unqualified campaign staff, candidates unwilling to learn, listen and/or improve, and of course strategies that were designed to fail from the start…  But then there was a feeling of downright anger.  How the hell can […]

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Tools for a Better Organized Campaign

Back in December, I posted Organizing – The Foundation of Progress, the most basic rules of organizing.  I also promised to begin posting some forms and other tools to assist in organizing campaigns.  I’m going to start with a basic fundraising spreadsheet, based on what is used on my December 7th post on fund raising: […]

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