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FL-Gov : Performance Analysis

As promised, here is the complete breakdown of performance versus the democratic performance goals I had projected for the Florida Governors Race.  I will use the same sorting I used yesterday for the turnout breakdown, but I have adjusted the reference of the turnout – each county is reported by what percentage of expected turnout […]

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FL-Gov Results: What I see that says Sink will win…

UPDATE @ 3:20AM — With additional numbers in from Hillsborough showing VERY POOR (sub 50%) performance by the Sink/Smith campaign, this one looks over pending recount.  Very disturbing results and tragic for the people of Florida if this isn’t overcome by massive turnout in the remaining outstanding precincts/absentees/provisionals tilted heavily in Sink’s favor or a […]

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2010 Vote Projections – Florida Governor’s Race

The following data and commentary should assist some in following and understanding the returns tomorrow night, focused on the Governors race.  I will include historical data and some formulas that create history based projections.  There is also a bit of “art” in the shaping of performance based on the perceived focuses (geographically and demographically) of the campaign/party activity, and […]

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