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Unconventional Wisdom: Events

As I looked back on 2010 and saw the great big failures, they troubled me.  Messaging failures, generally unprepared or unqualified campaign staff, candidates unwilling to learn, listen and/or improve, and of course strategies that were designed to fail from the start…  But then there was a feeling of downright anger.  How the hell can […]

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Tools for a Better Organized Campaign

Back in December, I posted Organizing – The Foundation of Progress, the most basic rules of organizing.  I also promised to begin posting some forms and other tools to assist in organizing campaigns.  I’m going to start with a basic fundraising spreadsheet, based on what is used on my December 7th post on fund raising: […]

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Conventional Un-Wisdom – Fund Raising

Conventional Un-Wisdom:  If a candidate has a strong profile, the correct issue positions and public speaking ability, they will attain institutional and establishment support.  Donations and support will flow from party organizations, unions and traditional donors. As I look for candidates to help and support around the nation, vet potential clients, and generally try to […]

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