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Observations of the ¨Progressive Candidate-to-Freshman¨ Transition – aka an Opportunity for expanding Progressive Power (and the power of the CPC)

Since 2005 I’ve worked with dozens of Federal candidates/campaigns, some for a few days, some for a few weeks, some for a few months.  One of the things I do often is ascertain what expectations have been given to candidates and what assumptions they have about not just running, but what happens next. I’ve worked […]

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What to do with/about ‘Some Guy’ candidates from RootsCamp 2012

Notes from the closing session of RootsCamp 2012, “Some Guy Candidates: How they Delay Progress & How to Make Them Suck Less.” You can find some background here: ‘Some Guy’ vs Contender – which are you? Reviewing, the basics of the ‘Some Guy’ candidate: Lacks money, social network and the experience/understanding of how to be […]

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