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Observations of the ¨Progressive Candidate-to-Freshman¨ Transition – aka an Opportunity for expanding Progressive Power (and the power of the CPC)

Since 2005 I’ve worked with dozens of Federal candidates/campaigns, some for a few days, some for a few weeks, some for a few months.  One of the things I do often is ascertain what expectations have been given to candidates and what assumptions they have about not just running, but what happens next. I’ve worked […]

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Florida’s New (2012) Congressional Map

Now in a single handy post.  An analysis from the prospective of progressive Democrats of the newly drawn US House district boundaries in Florida.  Despite Florida voters passing Amendments Five (State) and Six (Federal) in 2010 (Fair Districts), the new map is rife with partisan gerrymandering.  Who cares about the wishes of the people when […]

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