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Mario for FDP DNC Person

It’s unlikely anyone will ever mistake me for a traditionalist. I’ve decided to run for FDP DNC Person and hope to have your support. Below is my fairly non-traditional announcement. I started to think about this as I listened to the FDP Chair candidates on PNN being interviewed by the united clubs and caucuses. They […]

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Unconventional Wisdom: Hidden in attacks, You find why we lose so damn always.

Recently, I visualized the argument against a candidate for FDP chair in the following exchange: Insider_01: Hey, let’s attack that one candidate for chair as not capable because he lost his own campaign! Insider_02: Do any of the others have records of winning any races or running a similar organization? Insider_01: Of course not, but […]

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We are the ones; Now is the time; Before we blow it maybe we should understand it?

National Landscape Before we look at the state of the Florida Democratic Party, we should start with an understanding of the Democratic Party as it stands at the close of 2016. While much of the country, right and left, pundits, campaigners, donors, activists, and candidates point fingers in every direction and dissect every individual event […]

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