What to do with/about ‘Some Guy’ candidates from RootsCamp 2012

Notes from the closing session of RootsCamp 2012, “Some Guy Candidates: How they Delay Progress & How to Make Them Suck Less.

You can find some background here: ‘Some Guy’ vs Contender – which are you?

Reviewing, the basics of the ‘Some Guy’ candidate: Lacks money, social network and the experience/understanding of how to be a candidate.

We talked about the common ways ‘Some Guys‘ push back – blaming the system, proclaiming too much purity to be sullied by doing the work, and of course attacking those that try to help them.

We explored the common motivations of ‘Some Guy‘ candidates, that they typically have a high degree of ideological (or egocentric) resolve.  This means that if you are trying to move a ‘some guy‘ out of a race, you better have an idealistic win-win proposals for them, the right advocate to make the case and an expectation that their resolve is much stronger than rational logic can conquer.

As an idealist, I admire the confident idealism of these candidates.  But, I’m also a strategist – one that recognizes that these candidates running on sheer idealism are hurting the progressive movement and damaging the Democratic party brand.

The best thing you can do to help these candidates is get them to attend a Democracy for America Training, like the ones coming up in Miami (March 17-18) or Gainesville (March 24-25).  The DFA Training program is a comprehensive overview of campaigning designed to help people at all levels of experience and engagement.  Whether you are a 5 hour a week activist/volunteer, full time staff to a candidate running for office, the DFA Training Academy will make you more effective.  The DFA Training Manual (provided to Academy attendees or purchased direct from DFA) is also a fantastic resource that you will use day after day throughout your adventures in campaign politics.

After they attend the training, the next step is rule #9 again, If it isn’t written down, it doesn’t exist.  This means writing a landscape memo and campaign plan (and all the component parts, field, finance and communications).  Somewhere in the midst of this process, if not sooner, the (former?) ‘Some Guy‘ candidate should begin to recognize that the water is way over their head.  This is the best time to do a ‘right size’ analysis.  Very few candidates should be running for Congress the first time out.  State House, State Senate and city/county offices are much more attainable and can help build the foundation for a later campaign for Congress.  This is also the point that we should remember that local offices hold the most power.

Long term, ‘Some Guy‘ candidates need to work to expand their social networks (offline more than online).  This means reaching out to like minded organizations, attending meetings and conventions, building relationships and working to earn media.  This process can also serve to help (future) candidates improve their campaign skills without the pressures of an impending election.  If you are not certain three hundred people will give your campaign money in the first 30 days, you aren’t ready to run for Congress.  Write down the list.

It was a great discussion, thanks to all who attended.

You can read my recap of RootsCamp 2012 here.


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