General Consulting

From complete management to collaborative strategic input on a broad or narrow spectrum, we have the experience and ideas to build a winning foundation or steer a growing campaign through dangerous waters.

Our Specialty – Public Speaking, Messaging and Presentation


One of the most neglected aspects of campaigns is understanding and executing public speaking, not just as a “speech” but as a presentation.  We have extensive experience training candidates, staff and surrogates to speak effectively on behalf of campaigns.  Speaking on behalf of a campaign is different from ordinary public speaking for a number of reasons, we can teach candidates, staff and surrogates to be more effective and/or work through anxiety related to public speaking.


Strategy – top down landscape analysis and planning

We can look at the district, election environment, history and field of candidates and provide your campaign with a complete understanding of the landscape and an overview of likely scenarios for the campaign.  We can utilize this analysis to provide you with the best course for the campaign, including field, fund raising and messaging/media strategies.
Campaign and organization auditing

A complete review of all actions, plans, staff, and processes of your campaign or organization.


Staff recruitment, training and organizational optimization

Through experience in business, campaigns and education, we can provide the expertise to help you build and empower a winning team or improve the effectiveness of an existing team through both training and/or restructuring the organization.

Messaging – Speech writing, issues, literature and media

We can assist your campaign with development of the campaign platform, broad and narrow spectrum messaging.  We can provide a road map for disseminating messaging via campaign events, literature, mail, radio, TV and the Internet.  We can assist and advise production of materials and media, and roll outs utilizing surrogates and earned media.

Merci Wolff and Congressman Tim Ryan (OH)
Dodd for President Surrogate Congressman Tim Ryan with Merci Wolff of Sioux City in late 2007.


Presentation – Speaking, Events and Media

How candidates, surrogates and staff are perceived visually as they speak, in person and through media is often as important as the language they use and the quality of their vocal delivery.  We can improve the presentation and help your campaign be received by the target audience, whether it is a small homogeneous group or a wide spectrum of registered voters.


Debate Preparation, Analysis and Planning

We can help you plan and schedule debates, prepare both content and presentation and provide post-debate analysis and action.  With experience with debates from the US Senate and House of Representatives level down to the local level, we can put you in a position of confidence entering the debate and help disseminate the message of your victory after the debate.


Crisis Management & Quality Control Analysis

Sometimes campaigns find themselves in a tailspin, whether external or internal forces caused the downward spiral, we can quickly assess the situation and find a solution to right the ship if at all possible.  We provide Quality Control Analysis where we assess your campaign and organization, providing you with solutions and training to improve your campaign.
GOTV, Election Protection, Field, Finance, whatever else you can think of…

We have experience in all aspects of campaigning and have the knowledge to help make your campaign better at anything.  Whether it be a known weakness or you want to bring us in to find ways to take your campaign up a notch or three, we can improve any campaign.