Men Demonstrating Evolution Doesn’t Always Produce Quality

H.R. 3: No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act is a high priority for the 112th Congress, and includes provisions that redefine rape and further restrict a woman’s rights to make choices regarding her health care.  Taking these choices away from women and their doctors is about as invasive as the government can get in our lives.  There is nothing “pro-life” about this (anti-choice is inherently pro-death), as it will without a doubt result in the death of more women, for a variety of reasons, but most obviously among women who have dangerous health conditions that are further complicated by pregnancy.

That part was pretty disgusting, but going a step further and re-defining Rape to exclude incest and statutory rape?  Why would anyone think that is a good idea?  Where is the benefit?  What happened to smaller government and protecting an individuals liberty?  Yes, I do know better.  It is time the voters learned better as well, your first targets?  How about the eleven Democrats, 6 Blue Dogs, all men, all asshats, that are co-sponsoring this legislation:

Dan Boren, OK-2*
Jerry Costello, IL-12
Mark Critz, PA-12
Joe Donnelly, IN-2*
Daniel Lipinski, IL-3
Mike McIntyre, NC-7*
Colin Peterson, MN-7*
Nick Rahall, WV-3
Mike Ross, AR-4*
Heath Shuler, NC-11*
* Blue Dog

I stole the list from this piece at Daily Kos. Currently there are 173 Co-Sponsors, 14 women and 159 Men.  Not one female Democrat.  That isn’t shocking, but worth noting.  It is go time ladies and gentlemen, it is time for Progressive Challengers to step forward and take on the tyranny of these 173 Representatives.  All 11 Democrats and all 162 Republicans co-sponsoring this legislation should be forced to own this disgusting overreach.  They must have their arguments challenged locally, not just nationally.  If you live in one of these 173 districts, or anywhere else that needs a more Progressive Representative, contact us now, we can help you.  We need your voice on the front lines now!

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