With the passing of Neil Armstrong this weekend, we lost an American hero.  His giant leap for man was an inspiration for mankind.  His courage inspired the nation to consider new possibilities.

Just a few weeks ago, Sally Ride passed away.  She too was an inspiration for humankind.  The first woman in space, a hero to all young women inspired to reach for the stars.  Her legacy is a generation of female scientists, astronauts, and barrier breakers driving America to greatness.

Today we must not mourn the loss of these heroes, but instead honor their legacies.  The burden is on us to return this to a nation that values inspiration.  A nation that invests in science and technology, invests in teachers and education, a nation that provides every child a world class education.

With the party conventions upon us, each side will present their vision for the future of America.  The Republicans will put forward Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  Their vision is to double down on shifting the tax burden to working Americans, slashing investment in infrastructure and the next generation.  They want you to forget about the collapse of Wall Street just a few years ago, gambling with the Social Security and Medicare you paid for and earned, offering you coupons instead of health care.

President Barack Obama and Joe Biden will present a vision of fighting to make America work for working Americans again.  To reinvest in our roads, bridges, and schools.  A vision to move this nation forward by investing in the next generation while preserving the right to dignity that FDR promised our nation’s seniors.

Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride may no longer be with us, but their spirit, their inspiration, their courage lives in all of us.   We have the power to keep that legacy alive.

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Mario Piscatella

Founder, MPA Political, LLC

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