How-To’s and Training

We highly recommend that you Contact Us and/or visit our Services page if you are considering running or are involved in a progressive organization interested in training.

General Strategy:

Organizing – The Foundation of ProgressThe basic rules of organizing

Unconventional Wisdom: What Inspires Candidates to Run?

Unconventional Wisdom: Candidate Development – The First Steps

Conventional Un-Wisdom – Hiring Staff

Conventional Un-Wisdom – False Moderate-ism

Unconventional Wisdom: Looking Back to Win in the Future

Unconventional Wisdom: Partisanship isn’t the Problem


Conventional Un-Wisdom – Fund Raising

Tools for a Better Organized CampaignBasic Fund Raising Spreadsheet


Conventional Un-Wisdom: We Lost Because They Voted At Home

Conventional Un-Wisdom: Yard Signs

Events / Advance:

Conventional Un-Wisdom – Scheduling

Unconventional Wisdom: Events

Tools for a Better Organized CampaignEvent Request Form

Conventional Un-Wisdom – Appearance