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With the passing of Neil Armstrong this weekend, we lost an American hero.  His giant leap for man was an inspiration for mankind.  His courage inspired the nation to consider new possibilities. Just a few weeks ago, Sally Ride passed away.  She too was an inspiration for humankind.  The first woman in space, a hero […]

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Florida Redistricting: A Look at US House Seats Part 3: 15-27

This is the third in a series discussing the newly drawn US House district boundaries in Florida.  Despite Florida voters passing Amendments Five (State) and Six (Federal) in 2010 (Fair Districts), the new map is rife with partisan gerrymandering.  Who cares about the wishes of the people when the RPOF has super majorities?  Data for […]

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I Ran. Into a Wall.

UPDATE:  The posting below will remain intact despite the completely corrupt process and invalid elections held by the Florida Young Democrats.  After ignoring important components of the organization’s Constitution to the detriment of the membership, the President chose to enforce fine print of sections of the Constitution that were modified and unavailable until just days […]

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WJCT First Coast Connect – 2/2/2011: Jacksonville Mayors Race

This morning I had the pleasure of appearing on WJCT’s First Coast Connect, hosted by Melissa Ross.  Joined by Republican Political Consultant Jim Varian, we discussed Jacksonville’s upcoming Mayoral election featuring Alvin Brown, Audrey Moran, Mike Hogan and Rick Mullaney. Here is the link to the audio via MPA Political’s Media Archive:  2/2/2011 WJCT with […]

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Don’t put Keith Olbermann back on MSNBC

The effort to reinstate Keith Olbermann to his spot in MSNBC’s lineup is impressive, but is that really good for the progressive movement’s future?

Does it seem like a good idea to keep providing profits and authority to a network and corporation so clearly bent to supporting the other side?

Why not find some alternative in which Keith Olbermann’s tremendous talent, intellect and charisma are channeled in to benefiting the progressive movement without the side effect of buckets full of profits to right wing overlords?

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