The Candidate Project

One of the best things going on right now to help progressive candidates find their way on to ballots and to run effective campaigns is The Candidate Project, a joint venture of The New Organizing Institute and Democracy for America.


The Candidate Project’s goal was to recruit, train and empower 2012 candidates to run at all levels in the 2012 elections.  They really failed somewhere along the way…in the goal setting department, because they are WAY past 2012, in to the 8000 range.  Yeah, major kudos guys, kick ass!

One of the ways the Candidate Project is training these candidates (and staff, activists, & volunteers) is through online webinars.  They’ve conducted eight of these training sessions so far (you can catch up on the ones you missed here) and tomorrow night (Tuesday 4/3), I will be co-hosting Communications, Media & Message.  I’ll be joined by DFA’s Deputy Communications Director Linsey Pecikonis to conduct this training.  Have you signed up yet?

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