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We are a comprehensive campaign consulting firm working to elect intelligent, honorable and progressive Democrats to all levels of government.

MPA Political Founder Mario Piscatella
Founder / President – Mario Piscatella

After managing one Congressional campaign and consulting on another during his final semester at San Diego State University, Mario was hooked on campaigning.  Since graduating with a BA in Political Science, Mario has held senior staff positions on two US House races and a US Senate race.  Along the way he has been all oveSioux City, IA CDFP Officer the country working on federal, local and coordinated campaigns, touching thirty five states in 2008 after spending nearly all of 2007 in Iowa on Chris Dodd’s Presidential Campaign.  Serving as Western Iowa Regional Director, Mario spent eleven months mastering the ins and outs of caucuses, an experience he would apply as a lead trainer for the Nevada Democratic Party during the final weeks of their caucuses and later to a unanimous caucus victory in a Virginia Congressional Primary.

Mario spent the final months of the 2008 campaign on an idealistic crusade, assisting the Obama Coordinated efforts in Florida and Ohio as well as the victorious red to blue Congressional campaigns of Alan Grayson and Mary Jo Kilroy.

Democracy for America

In his free time, Mario trains activists for organizations like Democracy for America and works with Young Democrats on the local, state and national levels.

Thus far in 2012, Mario has worked with Connecticut State House Speaker Chris Donovan on his message and delivery and took the reins of Darcy Burner‘s intense primary campaign in Washington’s First District for the final three months.

With experience in all aspects of campaigning, Mario focuses on strategy, communications and training and is always in search of good, proud, progressive Democratic candidates to help.