A Liberal’s Holiday Wish List

More specifically, my holiday wish list:

1. I’d like to celebrate the season with some good cheer to children who have done no wrong, passage of the DREAM Act is the right thing to do for America.  The Senate may vote today and it may be in the President’s hands before you read this…but I’m not counting any chickens, call your Senator now.

Howard Dean - 2004 Campaign

2. A return to the successful and long term benefits of Howard Dean’s 50-State Strategy. Bunker defensive mentalities provide only one thing, assured defeat.  We must be on offense, everywhere on the map, reclaiming ground lost in November and decades ago.  Any district left uncontested is a district of right-wing echo amplification.  It is time to get serious about recruiting, training and supporting candidates in all 435 districts and every Senate seat, nationwide.

3. Publicly financed elections at the Federal level.  We need to end the circle of corruption and lower the barriers for entry to running for Congress.  Too often the best and brightest are turned away from even running while the daft and morally bankrupt are catapulted to victory.

4. A real media revolution, a return to ethical journalism and a presentation of the news with integrity, not skewed to please demographics or a big money sponsor.

5. I live in Florida, why is it so damn cold? Lows in the 20’s are not ok.  Climate change doesn’t exist and man and dinosaurs shared the Earth…right.

Congressman Alan Grayson
Rep. Alan Grayson

6. 10 Candidates for Congress and the Senate in 2012 that will be proud liberals, complete with backbone and intellectual curiosity. They needed to be willing and able to learn about what they do not know, particularly with regards to “how to be a candidate” and they must support publicly financed elections.

7.  Redistricting across the nation that puts the people first, with contiguous communities and compact districts trumping incumbent security and majority protection.  And to have those maps finalized in 2011, before it is too late to build a campaign for 2012.

8.  A Democratic President who is not playing his game after Congress, but before. A President who presents his agenda and then campaigns for it, aggressively, convincing the people and their Representatives that he is right and they should support him.  Republican Presidents have never had problems passing their agendas, regardless of having minorities in one or both houses of Congress, they never needed 60 votes in the US Senate.  Republican Presidents have crafted a message, and brought it to the people, won the people, and then worked with Congress.  We need a Democratic President to do the same, with the right solutions for America, not the crippled and corrupt mangling of solutions the Republican Congress will write and pass.  It is your time to lead Mr. President.

Senator Bernie Sanders

9.  A Democratic Senate Majority Leader. For too long the minority has dominated the chamber, it is time to recognize the problem and kick it right in the teeth.  We need a Democrat that will stand up for our values, that will bring our legislation to the floor and make the Republicans vote or filibuster, no free rides.  Make them stand up and tell the people why they oppose reform, we need them to go on the record and show the people who corrupt, greedy and self-interested they are.  There is no reason to believe picking a Democrat from a Purple or Red State has benefit, it has none, we’ve proven that over and over.  Who ever is the Democratic Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Speaker, etc will be painted as a far left liberal.  We need someone who is proud of that to use that as a weapon, not a weakness.

Of course, I live in a state where the Governor-elect is a crook that stole billions from the government via fraud, the opposition party breaks every law related to elections, gets caught, and still wins, and after a lifetime as a conservative elected official, Charlie Crist was able to snow the media and about 1/3 of the electorate that he is an “independent.”

Have a great holiday season, regardless of your religious beliefs, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, height and/or shoe size.  Peace and Joy to all.  Except the corrupt, intolerant and greedy, lumps of coal for them.

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