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Unconventional Wisdom: Democratic Primaries and Party Elections

Pro Tip for internal Democratic Party Elections and Primaries: Democrats are moved by positives, they are moved away by negatives. Make the case for you(r candidate) not the case against your opponent. Have a vision and understand the role of the office you are seeking. Sell it with narratives and forward looking ideas, not repeating […]

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Mario for FDP DNC Person

It’s unlikely anyone will ever mistake me for a traditionalist. I’ve decided to run for FDP DNC Person and hope to have your support. Below is my fairly non-traditional announcement. I started to think about this as I listened to the FDP Chair candidates on PNN being interviewed by the united clubs and caucuses. They […]

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Unconventional Wisdom: Hidden in attacks, You find why we lose so damn always.

Recently, I visualized the argument against a candidate for FDP chair in the following exchange: Insider_01: Hey, let’s attack that one candidate for chair as not capable because he lost his own campaign! Insider_02: Do any of the others have records of winning any races or running a similar organization? Insider_01: Of course not, but […]

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