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Miami DFA Campaign Academy Wrap Up

A few weekends a year Democracy for America sends me to a new community to participate in their Campaign Academy program as a trainer.  DFA posted a profile of me as a trainer on their blog recently.  This past weekend, we took the Campaign Academy show to Miami’s FIU Graham Center.  Thank you to our […]

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RootsCamp 2012 Wrapup

Back in December of 2010, I reflected on the previous RootsCamp.  Among the biggest negatives was the large crowd & less than stellar session leaders.  The positives?  The wonderful people and efforts of the New Organizing Institute, the activists and enthusiasm. A little over a year later, we returned to the scene of the first […]

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What to do with/about ‘Some Guy’ candidates from RootsCamp 2012

Notes from the closing session of RootsCamp 2012, “Some Guy Candidates: How they Delay Progress & How to Make Them Suck Less.” You can find some background here: ‘Some Guy’ vs Contender – which are you? Reviewing, the basics of the ‘Some Guy’ candidate: Lacks money, social network and the experience/understanding of how to be […]

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