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What I’m Thankful for as a Florida Democrat

In the wake of what was a devastating election to Democrats, particularly here in Florida, most people are having trouble finding things to be thankful for as Democrats, here’s a few things I’m thankful for as a Florida Democrat: -I’m thankful for unrelenting progressive leaders continuing to fight, including these two exemplars of backbone in Orlando: I […]

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How Can Florida Democrats Lose More?

The easiest way would be to diminish the support for Democratic candidates among minority communities.  Enter the aftermath of Florida’s victory on 5&6, a legal challenge led by prominent black leader, Congresswoman Corrine Brown (D-Jacksonville/Orlando) and prominent Cuban leader, Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Miami) to block 5&6 on the basis of detriment to black and Hispanic representation. I will […]

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Don’t put Keith Olbermann back on MSNBC

The effort to reinstate Keith Olbermann to his spot in MSNBC’s lineup is impressive, but is that really good for the progressive movement’s future?

Does it seem like a good idea to keep providing profits and authority to a network and corporation so clearly bent to supporting the other side?

Why not find some alternative in which Keith Olbermann’s tremendous talent, intellect and charisma are channeled in to benefiting the progressive movement without the side effect of buckets full of profits to right wing overlords?

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FL-Gov : Performance Analysis

As promised, here is the complete breakdown of performance versus the democratic performance goals I had projected for the Florida Governors Race.  I will use the same sorting I used yesterday for the turnout breakdown, but I have adjusted the reference of the turnout – each county is reported by what percentage of expected turnout […]

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FL-Gov Results: What I see that says Sink will win…

UPDATE @ 3:20AM — With additional numbers in from Hillsborough showing VERY POOR (sub 50%) performance by the Sink/Smith campaign, this one looks over pending recount.  Very disturbing results and tragic for the people of Florida if this isn’t overcome by massive turnout in the remaining outstanding precincts/absentees/provisionals tilted heavily in Sink’s favor or a […]

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Predictions and Expectations…

Following up to yesterday’s FL-Gov turnout projections, I’ll start with the Governor’s race — Alex Sink will eek out a narrow victory more on the strength of people voting against Rick Scott than for Alex, despite the fact that she will likely make an excellent Governor, she has not been a terrific candidate and her […]

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2010 Vote Projections – Florida Governor’s Race

The following data and commentary should assist some in following and understanding the returns tomorrow night, focused on the Governors race.  I will include historical data and some formulas that create history based projections.  There is also a bit of “art” in the shaping of performance based on the perceived focuses (geographically and demographically) of the campaign/party activity, and […]

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