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Conventional Un-Wisdom – Appearance

This is the first of a series of post that will take on some of the myths and mistakes that circulate campaigns and the pundit-sphere unchallenged. We will be provide links on the sidebar to the right to resources for people seeking employment in progressive campaigns, from direct job listings to career and training resources. If your candidate or campaign is in need of training or other assistance, please contact us.

Conventional Un-Wisdom – As a candidate, I am engaging in what is essentially a continuous job interview, as such I should wear a suit and tie everywhere I go (or similar business attire for female candidates).

This one is very common, and very funny to observe at times. Very few districts at any level have a community in which a business suit is “standard attire.” This becomes even more obvious when you look at the electorate, particularly the universes most likely to be targeted by a progressive campaign. If you don’t recognize it is funny to see a guy (or gal) in a business suit speaking to a crowd at pig roast or a county fair, you may need to get your observation skills re-tuned.

When you are perceived as overdressed by the audience, it adds to the barriers already stacked up against a candidate for breaking through with their message. The audience sees the candidate as less approachable, less like themselves, they become far less likely to become emotionally tied to the campaign. This reduces donor and volunteer potential, and it closes doors the campaign may not even be able to find on their own.

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